Saint Andrew's Church

The church rises very close to the Old Rocca, which towers above the landscape with an impressive size.
The unfinished facade and apse can be already seen from afar.
The Building has a Neo-Renaissance style, with a wide apse where you can admire the great altar and a nave, with columns, pilasters and capitals. The pipe organ rises above the entrance door, and is rife with angels, depicted as musicians and singers of an orchestra: conceived in 1793 by Gaetano Callido, this masterpiece is one of a kind. Above the fascinating chestnut choir, a valuable four-century-old  painting of the martyrdom of Saint Andrew is nestled in a frame of leaves, garlands and angel heads.  
On the aisles, tourists can also admire four chestnut confessionals and five carved plaster statues (St. Andrew, St. Barnabas, St. Rinaldo, St. Rocco and St. Anthony Abbot). The bell tower has four bells.