Saint Augustine's church


The church has an outstanding facade, made up of bricks and white stone. The internal structure is typical of the eighteenth-century style, with a nave and an apse behind the altar.

Magnificent are the confessionals in a classical style.

The statues of the Augustinian saints are nestled in small niches cut in the wall. Above the main door tourists can admire the valuable organ by Sebastiano Vici Montecarotto. The four altars are devoted to Christ Crucified, Saint Anthony Abbot,Saint Nicola from Tolentino and Our Lady of Good Counsel.


The Annunciation of Hippolytus Borghesi from Sigillo is located in the apse. The bell tower and the church were conceived by the Swiss architect Giacomo Cantoni and erected in the late XVIII Century on the ruins of the old Church of St. Catherine from Alessandria.
Until 1860, the church and the oratory belonged to the Hermits of St. Augustine.
The bell tower, built in 1802, has four bells.