Town Hall- XII Century


It rises on the central square of the village. The neoclassical facade is sober and harmonious, with porch, terrace and bell tower: all these architectural elements make the building elegant and monumental.

It is ancient, but the façade was renovated in 1802 and the lodges were paved in 1900. 

At the center of the façade, an artistic plaque commemorates the fallen of the World War One. The monumental stone is topped by a bronze eagle, which holds in its claws the palm, symbol of peace and martyrdom. On both sides of the stone, on a tripod, the torch of freedom and light burns. A bronze ornament with laurel and oak, symbol of glory, links the two stones where the names of the Fallen are carved.

In 1947 the restoration was carried out in order to reinforce the building, but they reduced the ledge that was an important decorative element. The steps were built in 1959. The town square has had various names: "Napoleon Square, Town Hall Square, Umberto I ° square. 

Nowadays its name is Martyrs' Square.